MASCOT Telecare and Community Support Services provide a range of initiatives enabling people to remain at home with independence and security. Offering carelines and telecare services to vulnerable people and those with a disability, MASCOT prevents unnecessary admissions to hospital and residential care.

We also help protect victims of harassment, domestic violence and bogus callers, Additionally, through a range of telecare sensors, MASCOT helps with long term conditions such as COPD, Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes and plays an invaluable part in managing physical, learning disabilities, and sensory impairments.

24 Hour Help Just a Push Button Away

Our dedicated friendly care team are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your alarm will alert the call centre at the push of a button if you have fallen or need help. We can contact a family member or friend or the emergency services where appropriate. Our monitor only service starts from as little as 68p per day including installation, no contract - no sign up fees There is help with the cost if you are on benefits or pension credit

Telecare Technology

MASCOT Telecare uses Telecare technology more and more as part of their services to older or more vulnerable members of our local communities.

24 Hour Services

Providing a 24 hour service every day of the year, our trained staff know, when a call is activated, who you are and where you live. They can assess the nature of your problem, and will arrange for an appropriate response.

Keysafe Installations

A KeySafe™ is used in the event of an emergency, the code and location of the KeySafe™ will be only given to an authorised person, enabling them to access your property and provide you with immediate care and assistance.

Handyman Service

Our free handyman service is available to all Full visiting service client and includes...

Just Checking

Just Checking is an easy-to-use online activity monitoring system that helps people stay independent in their own home.

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MASCOT is an easy to use call button. You can use it silently with just one push on the button.

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MASCOT & Merton

MASCOT Telecare has been part of Merton Council for 27 years and helps you or your loved ones to live independantly.

services and pricing

Monitor Only From

68p /day

Free Installation

Free Setup

No Contract

24 Hour Call Monitoring


Pendant or Button

Smoke Alarms

Full Visiting Service From

£ 1.18 /DAY

Free Installation

Free Setup

No Contract

24 Hour Call Monitoring

24 Hour Visiting Service


Pendant or Button

Smoke Alarms

Free Handyman Service


I have been really impressed with the service and all the staff who are so helpful and courteous. MASCOT gives me a sense of safety and I know they will do anything within their means to assist me.

Really Impressed

MASCOT staff are always friendly, polite and efficient. The service is first class and very good value for money. I have also taken advantage of MASCOT's handyman service and found it to be excellent.

Always Friendly

Excellent service! I feel safe and I can't fault it.

Excellent Service

The service (both emergency and handyman) is always very good. It is difficult to see how it could be improved.

Great Service

News & Events

National Telehealthcare Day 2016

MASCOT Telecare are proud to have hosted the ‘Telehealthcare Awareness Day’.


Mascot 25 Years
MASCOT Celebrates 25 Years

MASCOT Telecare, the service that monitors and responds to vulnerable residents living in...

Telehealth Awareness Day Logo
Telehealthcare Awareness Day

On June 3rd 2015, we celebrated  ‘all that’s new in the world of telecare and telehealth’ ...

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